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CFO Services

Outsourced Controller & CFO Services near Plymouth MA

Most small businesses do not have the resources to hire a full time controller or CFO. Business owners want to focus on business strategy & growth, and making sound financial decisions is an important part of a sound business and for having the capital for growth. Along with our accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation/planning services, Bakken CPA can also bring CFO level services to your business resources without the cost of having a full-time CFO, controller, accountant and/or bookkeeper to manage their finances and assist in business decisions.

Business and Financial Consulting Services Include:

  • Business planning
  • Budgeting and financial forecasting:
  • Generating and tracking detailed budgets
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Management and operations review
  • Evaluation of internal controls
  • Process improvement solutions
  • Annual budgeting
  • Creating an effective business strategy
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis:
    • Objectives
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Bank and creditor relationship management
    • Tax compliance
    • Improving cash flow and cost control through fiscal management
    • Ensuring there’s always enough cash on hand for operational purposes
    • Analyzing financial reports to make crucial decisions

Why would you hire an outsourced controller or CFO?

Some businesses would rather invest resources that focus on their business growth and development rather than incur the costs of having full time controller and/or CFO positions. Other businesses grow so rapidly they can no longer handle basic financial tasks but can’t afford a full-time CFO.

Other reasons  to consider interim CFO services:

  • Declining profits or profits below expectations
  • Spending that outweighs cash flow
  • Confusing financial reports
  • Increasing accounting errors and inefficiencies
  • Raising capital or securing funding
  • Planning on going public
  • Expanding your offerings
  • Upcoming merger or acquisition
  • Pending audit

Our CFO services provide access to financial experts who focus on your company’s long-term financial strategy and help you plan and execute a strategy for financial growth.

Controller & CFO Services

Learn more about outsourced controller & CFO services by calling us at (508) 746-4663 or click here to schedule your free initial consultation.