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If you receive social security benefits then by the end of January you should receive a statement, Form number SSA-1099, from the Social Security Administration. You need this form to prepare your IRS income tax return. But don’t panic you still have another option.

Form SSA-1099

Form SSA-1099

If you don’t receive the SSA statement before it’s time for your accountant to prepare your tax return then you can go online and obtain it with a few clicks of your mouse. This will make your accountant or tax preparer very happy. I know this tax preparer in Plymouth, MA will be happy!

It’s easy! To access your account today, go to https://www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount/

The Social Security Administration (SSA) website has a login area called “My Social Security”, which allows you to see your personal social security information. By creating an account and verifying your identity with a few questions from your credit report, you can access your information. On this site you can also obtain a SSA-1099 replacement, check your earnings, estimate your benefits, use the benefit calculators, apply for benefits and manage your benefits. It’s really important to check the history of your earnings to be sure it has been reported correctly by your employers. Your earnings history will affect the amount of the social security benefits you receive. This site also guides you on what to do if you find any of this information to be incorrect.
It is recommended that you review this information frequently to be sure your social security amounts are being reported correctly. And, correct the amounts as soon as you discover errors.

Check out https://www.ssa.gov for more information.