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Enter the weekly time sheet concepts of work hours reportingA year ago, Massachusetts voters voted in favor of the Earned Sick Time Law which went into effect in June of this year. Has anyone paid attention to this law?  Have small businesses ignored it because they think it doesn’t pertain to them?

Here are 5 important facts:

  1. All employers MUST provide accrued sick-time for their employees up to 40 hours or 8 days per year.
    • If less than 11 employees – sick-time can be unpaid
    • If 11 or more employees – sick-time must be paid
  2. Employers must have a system in place to accurately track both accruing and use of sick time.
  3. Up to 40 hours can be rolled over to following year.
  4. Massachusetts supplies a Sample Earned Sick Time Policy
  5. Employers must display the ‘Earned Sick Time – Notice of Employee Rights’ poster

For more information about the particulars of the law go to http://1.usa.gov/1JWKjyA