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We hear every day that the world is becoming more environmentally conscious and taking steps to “go green”. Small businesses may feel that some of the “greener” options are out of reach for them, but here are a few that a company of any size can do.
• Recycling – Most communities provide recycling centers, therefore it should be fairly easy to provide internal receptacles and to transport or purchase recycling pick-up services. These recycling services will pick up items such as paper, including shredded, newspapers, magazines, and plastic items.
• Installing energy-efficient light bulbs – It is very easy to find energy efficient light bulbs as a greener alternative to regular incandescent bulbs. They often last 20 times longer than standard bulbs and use one tenth of the energy,
• Going “paperless” – Many companies are making vast efforts (including Bakken CPA PC!) to be as paperless as possible. To reduce paper, begin using electronic portals for clients to upload and download files.
• Offering “green” shopping bags – Consider distributing to your customers, clients, and prospects a reusable shopping bag with your business logo. You take a step toward environmental consciousness, while gaining some publicity at the same time.
• Providing favored parking spaces – Offer visitors to your office a little perk for helping the environment. Designate special parking spots for hybrid vehicles and more fuel efficient transportation, as a thank you for going “green”. Also, be sure to have easily accessible bike racks!
These are simply steps a small business can take toward “going green”. The benefit to your business includes energy cost savings and maybe a bit of publicity, plus making a contribution to a healthier environment.