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Do you have a financial security plan in place? Or perhaps your current financial security plan needs some tweaking, particularly because of the most recent dramatic changes in the economy along with sweeping federal tax reforms.

Here’s a plan for you to consider:

1st step: Gather your team – attorney, stockbroker, financial planning professional, tax advisor, and insurance professional

2nd step: Enlist your team to help you gather your numbers and information – assets and liabilities, your tax plan, goals, objective, budget, insurance plan, business plan, estate plan, investment plan, and retirement plan

3rd step: Examine your numbers and information – Are your current needs being met? Have all your future needs been considered?

4th step: Seek advice – review your team’s advice and suggestions

5th step: Craft your plan – sign all necessary documents, purchase necessary insurance, and modify plan as needed

6th step: Meet with your team yearly – to review your goals and strategies and examine your numbers

For a more in-depth look at your financial security plan and an evaluation of all your financial and tax options, please give us a call!