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Massachusetts is one of the few states that has added a new tactic to get taxpayers to pay outstanding tax bills. If you’ve been avoiding paying a tax bill owed to the state of Massachusetts, they have the ability to suspend your license if you continue to take no action.

If you’ve received a Notice of Intent to Suspend Driver’s License from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR), be aware, they are serious. If you ignore this notice your license automatically becomes suspended. You may be able to work out a payment plan to get your license reinstated, but in the meantime, that means you are not allowed to drive a vehicle. There may be additional fees that you will have to pay in order to get your license back along with the tax you owe.

If you owe income taxes for a state tax return, be proactive. By establishing a payment plan to pay the debt (or paying it in full if you can afford it), the DOR will not need go to drastic measure to collect the balance due. Contact your tax professional to discuss the best option for you to pay your tax liability.