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A free program that is offered by the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department helps promote the wellness and safety of your elderly friends and relatives. This program is called “Are You OK” and it is a computerized telephone reassurance service that will give the participants a phone call at the same time every day.

The calls can be scheduled anytime between 6:00am and 12:00pm and the participant will receive this phone call asking “Are you okay?” The person can answer “Yes” and hang up or “No” and they will be connected to a communications officer who will then determine the appropriate course of action for the situation.

If there is no answer, the computer will automatically call back. If there is still no answer the communications officer will call the persons designated friend or relative to inform them. If it is necessary, the communications officer can also send a local police officer to check on the person. If the participant will be on vacation or out of your home for any reason for a day or longer, you can simply call the automated line to stop the calls at 1-800-622-4300.

To sign up it is as simple as filling out a one page application that can be picked up at the local Council on Aging or the police department and it’s free!