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Scam alert warning signs

IRS Warns Taxpayers of New Property Lien Scam

Scammers are relentless!  Beware of this bogus property lien scam. It threatens taxpayers with a tax bill from a fictional government agency.  Watch out for what looks like a letter from the IRS and call Bakken CPA at (508) 746-4663 if you receive any suspicious letters.

The IRS recently warned tax payers of a new fake property lien scam where taxpayers receive a fictional government agency letter threatening them with a tax lien on their property.


Here are the details issued from the IRS to help taxpayers recognize this scam:

  • This scheme involves a letter threatening an IRS lien or levy.
  • The scammer mails the letter to a taxpayer.
  • The lien or levy is based on bogus overdue taxes owed to a non-existent agency.
  • The non-existent agencies might have a legitimate-sounding name like the “Bureau of Tax Enforcement.” There is no such agency.
  • This scam may also reference the IRS to confuse potential victims into thinking the letter is from a real agency.

Further Instructions from the IRS for anyone who receives such a letter and doesn’t owe taxes and has no reason to think they do:

If you believe you do owe taxes you should:

  • Review your tax account information and payment options on the IRS website.
  • Call the IRS at 800-829-1040 to confirm the notice if they’re still not sure they owe.
  • The accountants and tax specialists at Bakken CPA PC are here to assist you should you receive any type of letter, or if you believe you may owe taxes. Call Bakken CPA at (508) 746-4663 or send us an email.